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Nail Culturee is an exclusive spa which offers niche beauty services for nails, hands and feet. We offer a range of services that include creative nail art, manicures and pedicures designed for different needs, hands and feet treatments for specific problems of the skin, and beautiful and intricate bridal henna designs. Our treatments are done using products from premium brands like O.P.I from USA and Baehr from Germany, and all the procedures are backed with sound cosmetic knowledge and expertise.

Located in heart of Chennai, Nail Culturee introduces the latest techniques in nail art, advanced manicure and pedicure procedures, and skin care range for hands and feet. While this beautiful metropolitan city boasts of many salons offering common beauty services, Nail Culturee caters exclusively to the care of nails, hands and feet. The services are at par with beauty services available at leading international salons.

We also hope to share our specialized knowledge with aspiring nail artists. Our academy offers courses in latest beauty procedures for nails, hands, and feet. Along with sound theoretical knowledge, our students also gain experience through hands-on training at the nail spa.

The Philosophy Behind Nail Culturee:

The appearance of hands and feet reflects on personal habits and hygiene. Well-maintained, manicured hands and feet contribute greatly to making a good first impression. However, we often tend to neglect these very important parts of our body. They are constantly exposed to the elements, natural and artificial factors contribute to stressing them out and leading to problems like coarse skin, tanned skin, pigmentation, etc. It is extremely essential that we pay close attention to our hands and feet.

In the recent years, men and women have shown a keen interest in taking care of themselves, and as such they are constantly looking for services which will help them achieve this. While manicures and pedicures have been routine beauty procedures in salons, many offer limited services. Also, the basic treatments they provide fail to address specific problems many clients have relating to their hands and feet.

Nail Culturee offers niche beauty services and treatments for nails, hands, and feet. The nail art techniques, and manicure and pedicure procedures are based on services devised by Hollywood-based cosmetics company O.P.I. Nail Culturee offers treatments for calluses, dry and rough skin, cracked heels, tanning, pigmentation, etc. The treatments are based on medical and cosmetic principles, and have immediate and visible results.

The hand-picked team of experts at Nail Culturee has been trained to provide the best care and services in creative nail art, and beauty treatments designed for hand and feet. The motto is to provide customers with an experience that they will carry with them even after they step out of the spa. At Nail Culturee, people get a chance to step away from their hectic lifestyles, sit back and enjoy the pampering services we offer.

"When you step in to Nail Culturee, you are stepping in to an experience like none other"