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Whether they carry us around in tight, high heels, or comfortable sandals, we can all agree our feet are perhaps the most stressed part of our body considering they bear our weight throughout our lives. In many cases, they are also the most neglected part of the body.

Having and maintaining healthy feet takes little work; however, not many women give them the same care and attention as they might give their hair or face. A pedicure once a month is most attention our feet receive. We suggest you make the most of the salon visit by choosing foot care products that provide intensive and long-lasting effects. Nail Culturee has just the thing for you: Baehr’s Pedibaehr foot care range.

Baehr is well-known German company that produces high quality products for podiatry, foot care, cosmetics, wellness, and nail design. In the past 60 years, the family run business has become a well-known name in professional foot care, skin care, and beauty market. Keeping with our objective of bringing world-class products to our clients, Nail Culturee has included Baehr’s latest Pedibaehr range in its menu. These specialized products go one-step beyond regular foot care products to provide therapeutic care and healing.

Pedibaehr has products that help specific skin condition like extremely dry skin, calluses, cracked heels, stressed skin, sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, and also special products for diabetic care. Besides addressing problems of dry, rough skin, these skin creams, lotions, and balms also offer protection from fungus. This range repairs, heals, and helps keep feet smooth, soft, and supple. You can explore the complete range of Baehr therapeutic services we offer here. Besides intensive foot care procedures, Nail Culturee also offer regular manicures and pedicures using Baehr products.

So if you are looking for a manicure or pedicure, or something more intensive to address specific skin problems, try out our therapeutic range of Baehr services. Your hand and feet will Thank You!