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Nail Culturee - O.P.I’s Hawaii Collection

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Who doesn’t get excited about the idea of sun-soaked beaches, white surf, and fine warm sand? O.P.I’s latest nail lacquer collection is inspired from a beach-lover’s paradise, the gorgeous Hawaii. Say Aloha to O.P.I’s latest nail color range, the Hawaii Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Borrowing a page from nature’s exquisite palette, O.P.I has created 12 shades to reflect the beauty of Hawaii. The lush greenery, colorful marine life, sun dappled sands, and the brightly colored flowers have inspired the range. The shades are aptly named too: That’s Hula-rious!, My Gecko Does Tricks, Do You Take Lei Away? , and Is Mai Tai Crooked? perfectly capture the essence of Hawaii. The 12 shades include pastel mint, bright green, sparkly yellow, muted nude, creamy orange, lava red, a lovely coral, lovely pink, dark mauve, a gorgeous purple, a delightful blue, another popping shade of purple inspired by a reef, and a glittering yellow.

The colors are selected to complement your everyday style. Got a soiree planned? Pick Go With the Lava Flow; a shopping trip with friends? Try Suzi Shops & Island Hops or Aloha from OPI; if you want your nails to be the highlight, try Pineapples Have Peelings Too! Lost My Bikini In Molokini is for those feeling a little adventurous; and if you want that toes digging in warm sand feel, go for Do You Take Lei Away? Make fashion ripples with This Color’s Making Waves, or dapple in some Hello Hawaii Ya? for a mysterious look. Just Lanai-ing Around is for those who want to wear their style on their sleeve. No matter what, there is a shade for your every look.

So, come, lose yourself on this Island of shades, and experience a slice of Hawaii!

About O.P.I

Based in Hollywood, USA, O.P.I is one of the leading cosmetic companies known for their high-quality professional nail care products. Its luxurious lacquers, fashionable colors, and long-lasting nail paints are well-known worldwide. Along with nail lacquers and gels, O.P.I also provides premium products for hands and feet. All leading salons world over use O.P.I products, and Nail Culturee is proud to bring the O.P.I experience to its clients.